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About the course: Let’s start by listing out some of the things about the courses:

Purpose of the courses: Purpose of the courses is to create business owners and working professional’s in the field of waterproofing & Business Ownership's.

Ideal for whom: Students, Supervisors, Civil Engineers, Retired engineers, Sales men, Junior staff or anyone who is hardworking and can manage a team of 2-10 workers. Our courses are suitable for all kinds of people who dream of having an enterprise for themselves and can actually plan to start over after taking one of our courses.

Main Objective: Main objective of offering the courses is to make them learn techniques and to enable them to start earning money and increasing their income as a side business alongside a job or to start a full-time business.

Income Goal: For our students we wish they start earning higher incomes immediately after completion of course as we will equip them with everything, they need to take up Projects of value immediately.

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    I.S.B.O teaches you to become knowledgeable and skilled in each of courses if you are going to build an enterprise and become a successful business owner.

    When we use the words “business owner,” meaning one who individually or with partners is in control of monetary and operational decision-making, we are talking about a true sense of ownership. The business owner has ultimate control over the company and decides what to delegate and to whom.